Here's My Story... Maybe it's similar to yours?

Reverse time to when I was young, very active in high school sports...

[Hang with me... I know, you're thinking "Yea, okay not my story..." But it might actually fit your own scenario when you put it all together...]

So, long story short.. I hit a ball "wrong" in volleyball and felt an immediate ache and cramping in my low back region.

This pain wasn't anything I'd felt before and days after, the pain began to shoot down into my buttocks and leg...

I began to avoid bending over, sitting for too long, I paced often to get some relief but nothing was making it STAY away... and it held me up for MUCH LONGER than I anticipated... my whole life was put on hold because of this.

I went to a doctor who ended up giving me a treatment plan like this:

✔️ Told to "Rest, it will get better on it's own." (HINT: it got WORSE as I did more of this!)

✔️ Stop all activities

✔️ Referred to an Orthopedic MD, MRI complete, reschedule another visit with specialist

✔️ Injections in my spine (3 or more from what I remember)

✔️ Pain meds (that I didn't want to take and made me feel awful)

✔️ Chiropractic care which helped a little at times

✔️ Option of surgery... (I was only 18 years old!)

✔️ Tried options from friends/family & the internet that ended up not helping much  

So, I understand the process you may be experiencing, as I've been down this road myself.

I was offered pain meds, that helped for a bit of time, but then wore off, received a plethora of injections into my spine, and sadly, at the age of 18, offered a spinal surgery because my back MRI was "the worst spine" my doctor had ever seen at my age...

Now, I know you probably aren't 18 years old and neither am I anymore, and I understand now, after nearly 15 years later, that injury just takes LONGER to recover than we do when we are young. For me, it took 5 full years of chronic pain and many mistakes to figure out how to help myself towards loving life and away from lying in beds, making appointments to every doctor known, and suffering through with just pain pills to "get by". The point is, I don't want you to continue down that path of the unknown for as long as I did.

This is my passion. Get people out of the nightmare I went through and keep them from going down that path in the future.

Our team at The Physio Revolution has helped many people who have an early onset of back pain and those who have dealt with chronic back pain for longer than 5-10 years get successfully back to doing the activities they enjoy and love to do again. 

Don't just take our word for it, hear what some of our clients have to say:

What Our Clients Have to Say About The Physio Revolution

Back Pain

Back & Neck Pain

Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain

"The Physio Revolution evaluated me for severe back pain after a trail running accident. Brooke was incredibly knowledgable and carefully assessed my pain levels. I experienced little to no pain during hands-on treatment of the muscles that were damaged in my fall. She was able to sort out the cause of my issues fairly quickly, and after targeted massage and manipulation, my pain level went from a 6/10 to a 1/10. I will definitely be returning for more sessions and in the future if injured again!

- Bianca, Golden

"The Physio Revolution helped me quickly and confidently recover from two separate injuries. One was back and neck pain caused from severe whiplash after being in a serious car accident. After just one session, Brooke not only relieved my pain but more importantly she was able to provide me with exercises and next steps I would need to completely recover and heal from my injuries. After following her straightforward outline, I was able to heal completely and return to full strength. Brooke is passionate about her craft and has the knowledge, intellect, and common sense to provide a solid foundation for her practice. I will be going to Brooke every single time I need physical therapy.

- Nick, Denver

"Annie treated me with dry needling for a long-standing issue of back, shoulder, and neck pain. She made me feel totally comfortable with the procedure, explaining each step and checking in often about how I was feeling. I also appreciated Annie's recommendation of multiple, specific exercises that I can do on my own-- her number one goal was clearly to help me have the least amount of pain, day to day, moving forward. This was my first time doing the dry needling, and I have already begun to feel the benefits just a few hours later.

- Vivian, Denver


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